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If you live or work in Port Clinton, Ohio your access to internet and phone service has recently become faster and easier. Ohio Telecom is currently installing its own fiber network throughout the city. A significant percentage of the fiber network is currently installed and several hundred Port Clinton residential and business customers are already using the fiber network with dozens more coming on each week.

Fiber Optic coverage in the U.S.
Ohio Telecom Fiber Optic coverage in Port Clinton

Fiber optic cable is made of hair-thin (or thinner) strands of glass that carry information by transmitting pulses of light, which are usually created by lasers. (Copper cable, by contrast, carries low-voltage electrical signals).

  • Faster speeds
  • Future-proof
  • Reliable

Please call our office at 419-734-2369 , option 4 or stop by to chat! We are now located at our newly renovated building at 115 W 2nd St Port Clinton, OH (next to the Post Office).


Our step by step below will let you know what to expect when signing up for our internet at the speed of light! Since this is a completely new connection the process may be a bit different then what you're currently use to. Other providers generally have all of the lines ran throughout a city or town and can hook you up the same day the technician stops out. With us, it's a little different since the is a completely new connection.

Sign the Agreement

Fill out this agreement with the appropriate information and either email it, fax it, or drop it off at our store.

Run the Drop

Once our technicians are given the go they will run the drop from the pole to your house.

Schedule Inside Work

We'll be giving you a call to schedule date/time to have a technician bring the line inside and setup the equipment.

Splice the Connection

The drop that was ran to your house from the pole now has to be spliced into our network.

Activate the Equipment

Now that the connection is spliced the technicians will make sure the equipment is programmed and ready to go.

Internet is Live!

You're ready to go! Log onto the internet with the wireless name and password you provided us during installation.


Since we are in the process of building our own fiber optic network service is not currently available every where. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you soon!

Check Availability

Currently service is only available in certain parts of the City of Port Clinton. Please note: If you received a door hanger, you do qualify for service! Call us to sign up at 419-734-2369. If service is not available in your area yet, please check back with us again in the future for updates.